1. What is VOGO?

    VOGO is an on-demand self-drive scooter rental service available at selected pickup locations in Karnataka & Telangana. Reservations can be made only for immediate pickup within 15 minutes and only through our Android app.

  2. Where are VOGO scooters located?

    VOGO offers scooters at multiple pickup locations in Bangalore, Manipal, Mysore, Surathkal, Hyderabad and Chennai. Download our mobile app and select your city to identify your closest pickup point.  If we are not near you, do drop us a note. We are expanding and hope to be near where you are soon.

  3. What type of vehicles does VOGO offer?

    VOGO offers scooters only at this time. Scooters can range from Scooty Zest to a larger scooter like Wego/ Jupiter/ Dio.  All scooters are priced the same. The type of scooter cannot be selected at the time of booking and will be provided to the customer only based on availability. We do not have motorbikes at this time.

  4. Are there restrictions on where I can travel?

    You are free to ride anywhere in the state where the vehicle is registered. For ex: all "KA" registered vehicles can move anywhere about in Karnataka. These vehicles cannot be taken outside the state.

  5. What are the charges for renting VOGO scooters?

    Please download our Android app to see tariff: note that pricing is different on Mon-Thu(Weekdays) and Fri-Sun (Weekends). You can choose your own personalized plan depending on your usage patterns and the distance you want to drive.

  6. Do I have to return the scooter to the same location where I picked it up?

    Yes. You must bring the vehicle back to the same place you picked it up before the end of your reservation. If you dropoff the bike at a location different from your pickup point, you will be charged INR 1000, and the full hourly rate until the vehicle is returned to the correct location.  We are working to offer one-way to you soon, so watch this space.

  7. What is Peak Season? Are the prices different during Peak Season?

    Pricing is different for Mon-Thu (Weekdays) , Fri-Sun (Weekends) and Peak Season. Peak seasons will be mentioned in our App.

  8. What documents do I need to bring when I pick up my bike from VOGO?

    Please bring your original driver's license, College ID card (in case of student) , PAN/Aadhar Card/Passport Copy (one among these if you aren’t a student) and a valid credit or debit card for any incidental charges (e.g. extended reservation etc.)

  9. Who pays for fuel?

    Fuel is borne by the customer. VOGO provides just enough fuel to reach the nearest petrol station.

  10. Who pays for any parking fees incurred during the ride?

    Members must pay for parking outside of the VOGO vehicle's home location.

  11. Am I responsible for parking/moving, driving without helmets, wrong side driving etc and any other traffic violations?

    Yes. Members must pay for any fines incurred during the reservation. If the fines levied are intimated to us by the authorities after your booking is closed, you will be charged the said amount along with interest if any on your next booking.

  12. Is there a deposit?

    No, We do not charge any deposit for renting scooters.

  13. Can I book a one way trip?

    Yes. You can book one way trips at selected locations. Check the app to find out available locations. If we are present near you, do let us know and we will be there soon.

  14. Can someone else drive VOGO vehicles during my reservation?

    Only the member who has made the reservation is allowed to drive a VOGO vehicle. Please do remember, you are responsible for the vehicle during your reservation. Additionally if a non-VOGO verified person drives the vehicle, VOGO’s insurance coverage would be invalidated and you will face unlimited liability.

  15. What are the timings between which I can pick up a VOGO vehicle?

    We are open from morning to night and offer vehicles overnight as well. Timings vary across pickup sites, check our Android app for more or visit our pickup location.

  16. What are the fines that VOGO levies on the Customer?

    For the safety of our vehicle, and for a great VOGO experience across all our customers,we impose certain fines which may change from time to time.For more information on the same, please read our fee policy.

  17. What is damage fee and when does it apply?

    Damage fee applies when the member is involved in an incident (including but not limited to a collision or misuse of the vehicle). The Member will be obligated to pay the repair cost. The payment will have to be done on the spot at the time of returning the vehicle. For more details please visit the Fee Policy page on our website.

  18. How do I become a member?

    Becoming a member is easy! Go to the website and just Sign Up or use our mobile app (Android) to make an account with your contact information. Now, you're ready to make a reservation

  19. What type of driver’s license is required?

    VOGO requires either an Indian driver's license or an International Driver's Permit (IDP). It's critical that the license is an original.

  20. How old do I have to be to join VOGO?

    You need to carry a valid permanent Indian driver’s license which allows you to ride the vehicle we are renting out.

  21. What information must I provide before I can make a vehicle reservation?

    Just enter your contact details on our app (Android)  and bring a valid permanent Indian driver’s license/valid college ID card (in case of a student) or any other ID proof (Aadhar or Passport or PAN). Also carry a valid credit/debit card for payments.

  22. How long does it take to become a member, and can I drive on the same day I become a member?

    You become a member instantly (if you satisfy two conditions 1. Valid Drivers Licence 2. College ID card or any ID proof) and yes you can drive the same day.

  23. How do I make a booking?

    You are just 3 clicks away from driving a VOGO scooter. Just select your pickup location to see available plans, Choose your plans, select duration and click on 'Book Now'. You can pay online (Paytm wallet, credit or debit card, netbanking) OR Select Cash on pickup.

  24. Can I book for any period of time?

    Yes, starting from 30 minutes upto 1 month for scooters .Please contact us via the in-app helpdesk if you have specific longer duration requirements.

  25. How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?

    We are an on-demand rental service and hence offer members immediate rides only ! You can book upto 15 minutes in advance of your pickup time.

  26. What if I need to modify or extend my reservation?

    Extensions: You can open your app and extend your booking yourself. This can be done either before or after your booking has started by clicking on 'Booking history' and selecting your order. When you click on 'extend' button, it will ask you to choose time duration for extension and complete payment for booking. 

    Please note that extension will not be allowed if vehicle is already booked for an order. Also, refunds are not applicable if you arrive earlier than the dropoff time.

  27. How do I cancel a reservation?

    You can cancel your reservation through the mobile app itself by selecting the booking and clicking on the 'Cancel' button. If any online payment has been made, it will be refunded as per our policy. Please refer to our fee policy for our cancellation charges.

  28. If I cancel my reservation, do I still have to pay?

    Please refer our fee policy on

  29. What happens if I return the scooter late?

    We give a maximum of 5 minutes grace period for which you are not charged. Post that, charge of Rs. 50 per 30 minutes will apply.

  30. What happens if someone else returns the vehicle late, and it is not there when my reservation begins?

    If your reserved vehicle is not where it is supposed to be, notify us immediately by calling 080-33512332. VOGO and our helpful fleet executives will ensure that you get a vehicle. In the case where we are unable to provide you an alternate vehicle within a short period, we will refund you the entire amount.

  31. If I bring the vehicle back ahead of my reservation time, do I receive a credit?

    Sorry, no credits will be given for early return.

  32. What modes of payments are accepted?

    You can pay online. You can also pay cash at the time of pickup at selected locations.

  33. Can I take the vehicle early?

    No. If you want to take the vehicle early, please create a new booking and cancel your existing booking.

  34. What if I leave something in VOGO vehicle?

    VOGO cannot be held responsible for your belongings. However we suggest you call the call center at 080-33512332. We will try our very best to help you retrieve the same.

  35. I had problems while the payment was being made after I entered my credit or debit card details. Has my reservation been made?

    No. If your payment does not succeed for whatever reason, VOGO’S reservation system will not confirm your booking. In order to complete the booking process, payment has to be done upfront except in case of cash on pickup.

    If money was debited from your account but booking was not completed, please place another booking and preferably select 'Cash on pickup' and enjoy your ride. Drop us a note through our in-app helpdesk with your phone number and we will investigate and initiate the refund.

  36. Money has been deducted from my credit/debit card but I didn't get any confirmation message / mail. Has my reservation been made?

    If you saw 'Booking confirmed' in the app but did not receive the SMS, please wait for 5 minutes to account for network issues 

    If money was debited from your account but you did not see 'Booking Confirmed' message in app, please place another booking and preferably select 'Cash on pickup' and enjoy your ride. 

    Please do drop us a note through our in-app helpdesk with your phone number and we will investigate and initiate the refund !

  37. What in case of accidents?

    If there is any untoward incident, please do call us at 080-33512332 and we will help.

  38. What do I do if the vehicle breaks down?

    Immediately notify VOGO by calling 080-33512332 and we will guide you through the entire process with the help of our Fleet Executive team. Please do not leave the scene of the breakdown until proper support has arrived.


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    Well maintained and all new scooters, very satisfied rides.

    - Swastik Singhdeo

    Scooty in good condition ! Drives great... and is affordable.

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