About Us

So...You need to go somewhere. Maybe alone, maybe with a friend. You really don't want to sit around, wait for a cab to arrive or sit behind someone else driving you. You want to move on your own. And then you think...What if I had a bike now? Someone hands you one, lets you take it where you want to go. Now you don't really mind paying a little for that thoughtful gesture. Infact, you're thankful. What a solid friend to have - someone who just gets you. Welcome to Vogo - we're the friend who gets you! :)

Really? Who are you guys?

Three youngsters, restless to see better India! Congested roads, insane travel times, spending half a day to move 5 km...sounds familiar? The cabs are have their advantages, but when time and freedom to be on your own are your priorities, we need innovation. So here we are, using lessons from our time at companies like Flipkart, Housing, Zoomcar etc, and putting our minds together to solve this for millions of Indians like you! More about us right below.


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Founder and CTO


Founder and COO

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